Kinds of Urban Look T-shirt

What kind of t-shirt that can support men’s urban look ?

Maybe some of you guys are still confused in finding the kind of t-shirt that suits with men’s urban look. With all purpose to help you, we have some details about men’s urban t-shirts, at a few moment, we will discuss at least 6 kinds of t -shirt that most often used by men to support their urban look well.
And as we know , that a man must be having more than one t -shirt in his wardrobe, right?  And it might be adjusted as well with the purposes and his needs.
But once again , do you know how many kinds of men’s t – shirts?
Or did you know the form and their names? If you didn’t , try to notice these 6 kinds of men’s t- shirts and their explanation below;


1.Men’s Tank Top

This is the kind of sleeveless clothing . This t – shirt often wore by men during exercise , as the coupling of a shirt , or also wear during a walk through the city because this kind of clothing does not make the body feel hot. But if you guys want to wear this clothing when the sun is hot , think again , because the heat of the sun can make your skin striped as well, and of course, you don’t want this problem disrupts your urban look.


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2.Men’s Short Sleeve

The second one is men’s short sleeve, it is the most commonly worn by men. Most men have this short sleeve.
Also, we could easily find it in any store menswear anywhere .
One example of a short-sleeved t- shirt that you guys can wear to support urban style is surf t –shirt that is ‘in’ around the urban.

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short sleeve casual for men

short sleeve shirt for men

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3.Raglan T-shirt

This is called raglan t-shirt , a t- shirt that has a 3/4 length sleeve. Many men wear this t-shirt when they go ‘hang out’ or when they’re enjoying the holiday.


raglan shirt ideas for men

raglan shirt for men urban fashion 2016

urban fashion for men 2016

4. T – shirt long sleeve

Such as the name, t -shirt has long sleeves fuller more rathe than raglan t -shirt. It has long sleeves to the wrist, and if the weather does not feel hot, you guys can wear this t-shirt.


long sleeve shirt for men ideas

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5.Men’s O-Neck

The next t-shirt is with o-neck , like its name,  this is a t-shirt with a round collar . This is the standard form of men’s t- shirts used today


o-neck shirt urban fashion for men

o-neck shirt for men fashion urban 2016

6.Men’s V-Neck

The last one is a t-shirt with v-neck, this t -shirt has a V-shaped collar or taper on its end . It is not many the men’s t -shirt with a v -neck like that , because it is most often found at women’s t – shirt.


v-neck shirt urban style for men

v-neck shirt for men fashion

v-neck fashion for men ideas

That’s a few kinds of t – shirt that you guys can wear in urban style , and certainly, that t –shirts as we explain above, they are not difficult to seek, even maybe, as well, some of them already available at your wardrobe.

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