Jacket in Urban Fashion For Men

The jacket is one of fashion item that must exist in the men’s’ wardrobe. As if it’s a fact that can’t be denied.

Basically , the jacket has a primary function as the body’s protector from the cold, but the jacket also has other additional function and it is to bolster your look. Therefore , more and more types of jackets are designed in accordance with the needs and tastes of the market . So, what kind of jacket that can bolster the urban look as well? Here are a few types of jackets are required for men to have.

1. Men’s Cardigan Jacket

Cardigan is considered as a type of sweater and now there are a lot of men who already wear this jacket to get the office. However , it can also make you look casual in style , therefore , there is no doubt in wearing it to support your urban look .

cool cardigan jacket for men

cardigan jacket for men urban fashion

cardigan jacket ideas for men
2. Men’s Parka Jacket
Parka has a design almost identical with the coat , usually, it has a loose size with a length to the knee and it is equipped with a hoddie on the back. This type of jacket is designed specifically to protect you from the wind and cold weather because it is usually made of water resistant material.
urban style for men with parka jacket parka jacket for men fashion parka jacket for men fashion ideas
3. Varsity Jacket

In the past , varsity jackets worn by students in the United States who joined the sport clubs in schools. Because the model is sporty and fashionable , varsity jackets are now very popular among young people. Moreover , simple design makes this jacket suitable for you to wear when you guys hang out with friends and for sport.
varsity jacket for men urban fashion style

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varsity jacket for men brown color

varsity jacket model ideas for men
4. Men’s Leather Jacket

In its development , models of leather jackets grow continually and often used by motorbike riders , and it has become one of the trends in the fashion world . Because its design is masculine and is resistant to water or something like that.
leather jacket ideas for men fashion

brown leather jacket for men fashion ideas

black leather jacket for men ideas
5. Men’s Denim jacket

If we are talking about a jacket that has a lot of fans in the entire world, perhaps the answer is a denim jacket . There are many men who have this jacket inside of their wardrobe . By using a denim jacket , surely you will look more stylish, exception to support men’s urban look.

blue denim jacket for men

dark blue denim jacket for men

urban look with denim jacket for men
You have seen several kinds of Jacket which are suitable for you guys who want to look fashionable and stylish  in men’s urban look, this is just a little bit information about men’s jacket and hopefully it can help you to decide which jacket that you guys want to wear.



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