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Trouser is an outerwear that covers the waist to ankles, which it can cover the foot rod separately . But, the trouser itself, in general, is menswear, but in the modern era, trouser is developed then worn by women.

Men may sometimes indifferent to their clothes , especially pants . But men should have knowledge about their clothes. At least they have many options to perform excellently and hopefully it can increase their confidence as well. Below, we will take a look several trouser that can bolster men’s look especially for those who want to look fashionable in urban style. Alright, here some of them.


The very first trouser that we want to discuss is about jogger. Jogger is a design that has never existed before. Jogger actually inspired from training pants , but because of the skill of a designer , now this trouser which is similar to the training pants can also be an option in your urban style .

Jogger has a characteristic in the opening leg that using rubber , so it will give more attention to your shoes . Therefore, you should use good shoes when wearing these pants jogger . Shoes which suitable to used while you are wearing a jogger are sneakers or sports shoes.

urban style fashion with jogger

jogger urban fashion style for men

african american style with jogger

mens outfits with jogger

cool jogger outfits for men

2.Cargo Trouser

Cargo pants originally used by the British army to bring consumer goods such as radios and ammunition of war for cargo’s characteristic is it has many pockets. In further developments , cargo pants widely used outside the military . But now, This trouser usually used for outdoor activities that require comfort . In addition , because the cargo has many pockets , the user no need to bring a bag to carry his belonging.
cargo pants for urban style fashion

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cargo pants urban fashion ideas

cargo pants style ideas

cargo pants for casual outfits

cool short mens cargo

Chinos is made from materials that more synthetic . This trouser is lighter and tends to have narrower pieces and smaller tip . Chino sometimes considered more formal.
Chino name came from Chinese word which is the maker of chino . Chino is china in Spanish’s term . Chino has many varieties of colors , ranging from light colors to dark colors . As a semi – formal trouser , chinos are also often used in casual or casual occasions .
men's outfits style with chino pants

fashion ideas with chino pants

smart casual with chino pants

men's fashion style trends with chino pants


Usually, this pants worn in a relaxed moment . Jeans trousers are made of denim , dungaree , and cotton . Characteristics of jeans based on different materials . Jeans denim is more difficult to dye and sewn. In contrast to denim , dungaree usually made of threads that have been previously colored. Jeans cotton usually much softer than denim dungaree , its color is more variety because it is more easily to colored, the jeans is very suitable for those who want to look fashionable in urban style.
casual fashion ideas with jeans

fashion style with jeans pants for men

ideas for men outfits with jeans

urban outfits ideas with jeans pants

Drawstrings are commonly worn around the field to exercise. This trouser is very casual and comfortable to wear , it make you look relaxed but still stylish . Usually worn for casual events such as picnics , informal dinner , go to the beach , and holidays . The materials most appropriate for this model are cotton .

To get the casual urban impression the drawstring could be combined with a plain white t- shirt , to get a formal impression can be combined with the shirt with matching color linen pants . Wearing drawstring with a small size can reduce comfort , that’s why you should choose the right size or larger one.
men style with drawstring pants

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cool drawstring pants for men

urban fashion with drawstring for men

mens drawstring fashion ideas
Those some reviews for you guys who want look fashionable in urban style, today is not the time for you to look awkward with the clothes which you wear. Get more knowledge, and be fashionable in men’s urban look. You can get more information regarding men’s trouser so that you guys can increase your interests upon this fashion style.

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