Latest Men’s Casual Trouser | Trend 2016

mens urban fashion ideas with ripped jeans

With the growing of fashion world lately, the men’s look is getting cool because in every season there is always the latest men’s outfit that always pop up.

Not only in terms of clothing, men’s pants models also developed in accordance with the trend and market’s tastes. Well, if you guys want to participate in such fashion trends, in order to you aren’t outdated . Here are some options of men’s trouser which most hits this year.

Ripped Jeans


mens urban fashion ideas with ripped jeans

mens flannel shirt red

Ripped jeans, jeans torn at the knee or thigh the very first men’s trend since the 70s when many rock stars often wear it at any rock music concert at that time.

The wearing of ripped jeans itself as if to convey the impression of freedom and youthful.

In this year ripped jeans appear in the same style, but still fashionable and has artistic value in itself.


Cargo Pants

urban fashion trousers cargo

short cargo pants for men


casual style with cargo pants

cargo pants ideas for men

urban fashion trends with cargo pants

Cargo actually is not the latest models of men’s trouser because in previous years the trouser that has many pockets has been widely worn among young people. But in this year the cargo looks slimmer, in that way giving a slimmer silhouette with longer legs. Fans of cargo pants in general are men who like to do outdoor activities and something like that.

Jogger Pants


casual style with joger pants

casual fashion ideas with joger pants

smart casual with joger pants

cool joger pants model for urban style

urban fashion ideas with joger pants

black joger pants for urban styleJogger was made to provide comfort in moving, because it has a large space for our feet . Therefore we often encounter modern dancer or people who do excercise activities wear these pants. You can also use it when you are jogging or going to the gym .
If you wear a jogger pants to create a different style when you hang out with friends, you can combine them with men’s shirt or cardigan to look casual. While you can wear casual jogger also paired with a T-shirt or long shirt.
That’s some kinds of latest men’s casual trouser which can be your option to dress, choosing the appropriate men’s casual trouser which is adjusted with an upper outfit for relaxed time will bolster your fashion look.

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